The Rad Mindset

—  The Philosophy, Philanthropy and Mission


The Philosophy

Just. Be. Rad.

After chasing the American Dream during my 20s and early 30s I’d had enough. Long commutes. Working my life away at a corporate desk. Not spending quality time with my family. Living for the weekend. Waving goodbye to my passions in life. I questioned everything. Why wait until you’re 65 to retire and experience life? Isn’t that a bit too late? My daughter will be grown and married, my health may suffer and I may end up regretting not experiencing more of life when I was able. In 2018 I made the change. I quit that corporate job, sold almost everything and traveled the world for a year with my wife and our 2 year old. We found those passions. We realized how short and sweet life really is and we re-kickstarted our lives. The Rad Nomad’s philosophy is simple. It’s OK take a risk. It’s OK to buck the trend. It’s OK to challenge society’s “norms”. It’s OK to choose your own life path toward no regrets. It’s OK to be a bit radical. So, are you being honest with yourself or just plodding along? Just be rad.


Giving Back

Every little bit helps

As a brand new business, we need every penny to help us sustain and grow. But, that’s not how we roll. From Day 1, we will donate 5% of The Rad Nomad profits on photography prints and brand merchandise. For 2019, we have selected The Cancer Research Institute as the recipient of our proceeds. We will reassess each calendar year in order to ensure our dollars are being used most efficiently.


The Mission

Create. Deliver. Inspire.

To create beautifully engaging content, deliver solid results to clients, and spark inspiration within my audience.