—  Finding and engaging with customers is critical. I offer social media and brand aesthetic coaching to help you reach your target audience and grow your social media presence in a meaningful and authentic way.


Social Media Coaching

  • Are you new to social media and don’t know where to start?

  • Are you interested in learning how to use social media reach your target audience and potential customers?

  • Are you looking for a creative mind to help build your brand aesthetic and marketing strategy?

During the 1st year of our family travel social media account, The FUNemployed Family, I grew our total social media following base to ~17,000 followers and maintained a sky high engagement rate of nearly 10%, where the industry average is 2%. This gave us the ability to collaborate with hotels, tour companies and brands for fully complimentary stays, experiences and products in exchange for our influence and marketing content creation.  I’ve learned how to maneuver the world of social media and grow a solid, authentic and engaged audience.  I would love to serve your social media and brand awareness needs.

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Social Media Coaching

  • Social Media 101 Tutorials

  • Channel Creation Services

  • Business Account Creation Services

  • Channel Maintenance Tutorials

  • Maintaining Engagement Tutorials

  • Hashtag Use Tutorials

  • Story Creation Tutorials

  • Follower Growth Tutorials

  • Customer Targeting Tutorials

  • Social Media Promotion Tutorials

  • Insights/Analytics Tutorials

  • In-app Photo Editing Tutorials


Brand Aesthetic Coaching

  • Logo Creation

  • Brand Aesthetic Coaching

  • Marketing Channel Strategy Coaching