Who's the Nomad?

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Who is The Rad Nomad?

The Rad Nomad is a brand founded by Ben Lutz that offers digital marketing content creation, social media consulting and prints/merchandise for sale. Ben began his career in Accounting & Finance, but a lifelong passion for travel, photography, adventure and exploration led his family to leave their secure careers and stable lives behind in 2018 and travel the world full time, creating The FUNemployed Family.


His passions for capturing his family adventures in photography, short films, vlogs and blogs intensified alongside exceptionally strong social media growth and audience engagement. Those, coupled with his ability to sell his creative services to resorts around the world, led him to take the leap on beginning a new passion driven career.


Ben chose his home state of Michigan as the base to launch The Rad Nomad and continue growing The FUNemployed Family. The company’s goal is to serve the Travel & Tourism industry around the world, while serving local clients at home. A detailed list of service specializations can be found here.

The Rad Nomad will begin accepting clients in May 2019.


Giving Back

The Rad Nomad donates 5% of all Print and Brand Merchandise sales profit to charity. To learn more about our Give Back efforts, check out The Rad Mindset. Check out the Feel “Goods” page to snag some great products and feel good about it.



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